Saturday, December 7, 2013

Skill Training Update

A month and a half ago I listed my skill training plan in this post:

As usual, I got a bit side-tracked by other priorities.  This is what I have trained during that time (to the best of my recollection):
  • Gallente Frigate V
  • Navigation V & Acceleration Control IV
  • Cybernetics IV
  • Rapid Firing IV & Motion Prediction IV
  • Sensor Linking IV, Signal Suppression IV, Long Distance Jamming III, Frequency Modulation III
  • Capacitor Management IV & Capacitor Systems Operation IV
  • Fuel Conservation III & High-Speed Maneuvering III
  • Capacitor Emission Systems IV
  • Gallente Cruiser IV
  • Medium Hybrid Turrets V (just finished)

With my navigation skills & implants, this now means that I am faster than an "all-V's" character, with the exception of ships which use trimark and armor resist rigs (I need to make armor rigging IV a priority for this reason).  I also grabbed sensor damping skills and secondary support skills in order to fly a Celestis, which is an incredibly useful ship for gangs.  Finally, I trained some capacitor support skills, which I had been severely lacking.

One reason for the change was that I was stuck in a stupid int/per remap that I put myself into when I was two weeks into the game.  I wanted to get int/mem skills finished off to a level that I considered to be minimally acceptable before remapping into per/wil for the next 3-4 months.  I remapped just before starting on training medium hybrids.

The other reason my plan shifted because my goals changed a bit.  My original goal was to focus exclusively on improving the Gallente frigate fits that I like to fly, ideally to the point where my DPS would be within 95% of an "all-V's" character.  My new goal is to step up into flying cruisers and battlecruisers sooner rather than later.  Most of the ad-hoc gangs formed by the Tuskers call for these ships (either shield or armor), so it's good for me to be able to field several varieties of both ships.  The good part about Gallente ships is that they can be fit for either shield or armor tanks.  The bad part: the Vexor, Vexor Navy Issue, and the Myrmidon are VERY skill intensive, ideally requiring T2 heavy drones, T2 sentry drones, and Drone Interfacing V, in addition to the hull skill being trained to V.  The other option for me is the Ferox.  Although I only have Caldari battlecruiser trained to III at the moment, the Ferox receives its hull bonuses to shield resist % and to optimal range rather than to DPS.  This seems to mean that a blaster Ferox should work reasonably well as a shield BC for a low SP character such as myself.

With that said, the skills I finished actually leave me in a pretty good place as a frigate pilot right now, and there is still plenty of synergy between the secondary support skills for both frigates and larger ships. Here is my new plan:
  1. Gunnery V & all secondary gunnery support skills to IV
  2. Gallente Cruiser V
  3. Secondary Drone Skills to IV (e.g. Drone Durability, Sharpshooting, etc)
  4. Gallente Battlecruiser V
  5. Sentry Drone Interfacing V
  6. Heavy Drone Operation V
  7. Drone Interfacing V
  8. Advanced Weapon Upgrades IV
  9. Rapid Firing V (this skill is huge in terms of optimizing DPS on gun-based ships)
  10. Small & Medium Hybrid Specializations to IV
This will take a little over 5 months according to EFT.  At this point, I could either cross-train into a different race (I'm thinking Minmatar right now), or remap to int/mem and train all those support skills to V.  I still have one bonus remap left, and I receive a new remap in July 2014.

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