Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spare Modules: A Pirate's Best Friend

I was solo roaming when I spotted a relatively new player in a new-named Gnosis, running missions in Aeschee.  This is a pretty common sight, as Aeschee is a fairly active low-sec mission hub.

I quickly brought my probing alt into the system, and prayed that he wasn't knowledgeable enough in order to check his d-scan for combat probes.  He wasn't.  Good news for me.  I was in a Thorax, but at this point I had absolutely no doubt as to my ability to get the kill as long as I could tackle him.  He may have been in a ship that was a class above my own, but because of the age of his character, odds are that he was in a bad fit.  Add to this the fact that he had limited PVP experience, and I could probably have gotten the kill in an Incursus just as easily as a Thorax.

As I was warping to his mission, my only real concern was that I would land too far away from him to get point before he had time to warp away.  When I took the acceleration gate outside his mission, I landed almost right on top of him.  I could nearly taste the kill as I locked him up, landed my scram and web, and started blasting through his shields with hot void ammo.  Excitement was quickly replaced my disappointment when I watched him casually warp away. 

Warp core stabilizers, the scourge of my existence.  I've long since lost count of how many kills I've watched slip away because my target had multiple stabilizers fit on his ship.  I spent a few moments checking my map and deciding where I was going to next, when I noticed that his ship was still out in space, and I suspected that he was going to go back to finish his mission.  Enough is enough, I decided.  I am not giving up on a stabbed ship today.  I checked the market and found a couple T2 warp scramblers in a local station.  They were priced at more than double what I'd pay at Jita, but at this point I didn't care.  I bought two and refit my ship with three scrams.  Now he'd only be safe if every one of his low slots was fit with a stabilizer.

I only had to wait for a minute or two before I watched him land back at his mission on my alt.  When I warped back and landed all three scrams, he was all done:  Good thing he decided to fit a damage control unit!

This made me think: I typically only bring spare ammo and nanite in my cargo hold when I roam solo.  Why don't I bring a cheap T1 scrambler (or two) in my cargo hold so that I can quickly re-fit as needed?  I've certainly encountered enough situations where it would have been useful to have.  I'm also often frustrated that I can't gank mission running frigates or explorers as easily when I'm flying a cruiser, simply because the lock time is so much longer and they have much more time to escape.  In situations like these it's useful to carry a sensor booster with a scan resolution script.  

What other mods do you find useful?

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