Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thoughts on off-grid Links

Not too long ago, my covert-ops alt finished training into a link Loki with T2 skirmish links and a skirmish warfare mindlink.  Now that I have some experience solo roaming with links, I thought I'd write about it.  This is a topic that many feel very strongly about, and many feel that links (especially off-grid boosting) should be heavily nerfed in some way.

I'll be completely honest here: skirmish links are pretty much completely unfair in solo fights.  They provide a huge advantage which benefits just about any ship in any situation.  I'll be completely honest again: I am not a good person.  I am a pirate.  I've never made any claim to being good at pvp in this game, and I likely never will (I have many corpmates who are much better than I'll ever be).  I don't always use links, but if I'm engaging above my class, multiple targets, ganking a mission runner, or if I simply feel like it, then I'm turning on the links.  I didn't spend months training my alt in order to leave him sitting in the station.

Looking at this in a different way, skirmish links allow you to engage targets or gangs that are otherwise un-engageable.  Under normal circumstances I would never warp into a plex which has a frigate gang inside of it.  However if you have links and you're flying a kiting ship, then you can burn out of their scram range before you're tackled and potentially get a decent fight out of it.  Solo roaming with links allows me to get more fights/hr than I normally would.  You might think this is unfair.  You might think this is an example of "pay to win" on my part by exploiting multiple accounts.  That's life. Deal with it.  I don't give a damn.

For gang roaming, things are a bit different.  The way you get a good fight in Eve is for your gang to look less scary than they actually are.  One major way you can achieve this is to use off-grid links.  This is the biggest reason that I think links should remain in the game as they are.  Forcing links to be on-grid only empowers the blob, and makes good fights less likely to happen.  This would make it much harder for smaller gangs (such as the typical Tusker gangs) to punch above their weight.


  1. I've seen some ideas focused around the power of links diluting as the size of the fleet increases. I wonder if perhaps the smaller size of a fleet could also have a similar, if not as extreme, dilution. I don't know. We all know that something is going to change when it eventually changes. I'd like us to have a lot of good ideas to put into action when it does.

    1. I guess its bound to change eventually, but honestly I hope that it doesn't. I don't like the idea of diluting the effect of links w/ increasing fleet size, because CCP would have to arbitrarily pick a fleet size at which this applies. There is currently no other mechanic in the game like this.

      The only behavior I'd like to stop is running links off a station or a POS. In this situation, you are not putting the link ship at risk. In the case of a T3 running links at a safe, someone could potentially probe & kill the link ship, but someone running Claymore links off a station is gaining a tremendous benefit for literally zero risk.