Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Video: Rail Incursus Guide

Suitonia has been producing an excellent video series on solo PVP, called Eve is Easy.  This has inspired me to turn the fraps of my fights into video tutorials of some of my favorite ships.  Since, I PVP almost exclusively in low sec, the ships I fly are different than what Suitonia uses so I hope I can provide a unique perspective.

My first video is dedicated to the Rail Incursus.  This ship is special to me because it's the first ship I started having success with as a new player.  I think it's a very good ship for newbies to start off with.  Enjoy!


  1. Great video! Just a quick question. I see that you prefer to keep at range of your optimal in order to inflict more damage. Wouldn't orbiting at your optimal cause less damage to be inflicted upon you (at least from turrets)? Although at a cost of not so good tracking from your part.

    P.S. It is very good to see that you are blogging your pvp adventures again!

    1. The impact of transversal to applied DPS depends on tracking & sig radius (both yours & your opponents). For small weapon systems, railguns have pretty bad tracking, and the Incursus does not have a tracking bonus. Against other frigate-sized hulls, it's almost always better to use keep at range, because usually orbiting will hurt your own applied DPS more than your opponent's (assuming he can hit you at this range).

      Against larger ship hulls with larger sig radius, you can sometimes orbit without mitigating your own DPS too much. I do this against the Thrashers and the Thorax that I fight in the video. The optimal approach really is situational, but spending some time playing with the DPS charts in EFT can help you.

      I know there was a large gap between posts, but I hope to blog a bit more now. The AT really consumed almost 100% of my attention in Eve from April to September.