Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Video: Slasher PVP Guide

Time to give a Minmatar frigate some attention!

Unbonused e-war is a bit overpowered, which allows a TD to turn a ship with paper tank and terrible DPS into a ridiculous hard-counter to almost any frigate or destroyer that deals turret DPS. Upon further reflection, I think a neut in the utility high is more useful than I said in the video. The nos allows you to essentially perma-run your armor repper, but I haven't found that to be useful in any of the fights I've had so far. I still think a neut isn't too useful in most situations, but it could help significantly against Executioners & Tormentors maybe. I also had a 10-15 minute long fight against an Incursus that I had to abandon because I ran out of barrage ammo. A neut probably would have allowed me to kill it.

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